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Mistress Maitland

Mistress Maitland Image Sale 4K View Boxcover

2021 AVN Award Winner for Best BDSM Movie

2021 AVN Award Winner for Best Cinematography

2021 AVN Award Winner for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene (scene 4)

There is no performer in the adult landscape who brings more power

to the screen than Maitland Ward, and in this string of connected

stories, she is unleashed to do what she does best. Set against the

backdrop a mysteriously wealthy lifestyle and mysteriously

predatorial marriage, 'Mistress Maitland' follows the femme fatale

through a series of games she plays with her equally dominating

husband (played by Markus Dupree). Whether procuring 18

playthings for his amusement (or hers), betting expensive items

against his sexual stamina, hiring a new secretary to meet his

needs, or secretly filming her own trysts for his viewing pleasure,

Mistress Maitland is single-minded in her ambitions and a master in

her craft. The result is a tour-de- of sexual performances that

will leave you dripping.

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